Private Lesson Guidelines

How to be Most Successful in Private Lessons

Be Prepared

Students are expected to prepare their lesson material to the best of their ability. This is how the student will get the most out of our time together. This hard work and dedication allows them to grow and make great strides on their instrument.

Practice Time

Students are expected to practice their warm‐ups everyday and to practice their repertoire for the amount of time that I determine for the student.
Practice time may be split up throughout the week. Remember, the student will get the most growth out of their instrument depending on how much effort and practice they put in. This is the only way they will improve!
Practice time should take place in a quiet, well‐lit, and comfortable area.
Practice time should be interruption‐free (i.e.: no phone calls, no TV, no computer, etc). Ideally, practice time should be at a consistent time each day.


Attendance is mandatory and expected. Students are also expected to arrive at their lesson on time and ready to go. When students show up on time, we will get the most amount of time to work on music together.

If you need to miss a lesson, please give me notice at least 24 hours in advance. Failure to cancel within 24 hours will result in the family paying the lesson fee for the day. I am not obligated to make up this lesson.


I am not obligated to make‐up an unexcused lesson that was missed by the student. If I must miss a lesson, or there is a cancellation within 24 hours, I will provide a make-up lesson.

Teacher’s Responsibilities to the Student

The teacher will attempt to attend every lesson on time.
The teacher will always try to explain things in a clear and understandable manner.
The teacher will always show respect to the student, the family of the student, the instruments, and all materials.
The teacher will always try to modify/adapt and prepare material that is appropriate to the age, playing level, and unique learning style of each individual student.
The teacher will always try to make each lesson enjoyable and rewarding.

Student’s Responsibility to the Teacher

Bring their instrument and all items necessary to play during the lesson.
Be fully prepared for each lesson. (Practice the material we are working on together.)
Let the teacher know in advance if you’ll be absent or late.
Take notes as new ideas, pieces, and/or other works are introduced.

Parent Responsibility

All students need help with dedicating time to practice their craft. Expect to have to remind and encourage your child to practice. Students and parents both need to be accountable for consistent, quality practice. Never hesitate to email or text me if there is something that your child needs help with.

Alexis Luter-Poyourow may revise these guidelines at any time.